Famous Americans

Have you ever wondered about the lives of certain famous Americans? Now you have the chance to learn about various people and the first one to start with is named Johnny Appleseed. He is known for planting apple seeds along various streams. He was also a very religious man and was a missionary for the church of the New Jerusalem. Johnny Appleseed’s real name was John Chapman. Johnny eventually died of the Pneumonia in 1845 and was buried a couple of miles north of Ft Wayne, Indiana.

Other famous Americans you might be interested in learning about is someone named Betsy Ross. She is known for sewing the American flag. She was married three times and had seven daughters . Three of those daughters died at birth. One of her three husbands died in the British prison. Despite all of Betsy’s hard times, she remained working through out all of her difficult moments.

Famous Americans can also be past Presidents of the United States such as George Washington. He was born in 1732 and later on in his life he joined the military. While George Washington served in the military he became a Lieutenant Colonel in 1754. His father died when he was only eleven years old, leaving him only with his half brother for a mentor to learn from.

General Robert E Lee is another famous person and his parents names were Henry and Ann Lee. He later on in life had seven children and served in the Mexican war. While he was there, George was promoted to a colonel. General Robert E Lee later died on October 12, 1870 and was buried in Lexington, Virginia. As you can see famous Americans can come from all walks of life. Taking the time to learn about each one can be something you will remember for many years to come.