Famous Architects

Many famous architects have been known to be different in so many ways. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of them and is known to be the greatest architect of all times. Some of his work has been acknowledged by the American Institute of Architecture. Even today some of his work is still standing and some of his designs are still being built today. Frank is no longer living and has been deceased for over 40 years. Frank Isreal is among the other famous architects. He was born in New York in 1946. He liked to call himself a designer instead of a architect

In 1977 Frank taught at the University of California and was a professor in the architectural department. Many people have said that his work came together like a jigsaw puzzle. Other great famous architects include James Wines. He does not have a degree in architecture like most architects. He uses other architects to work out his brilliant ideas. Some of his work is related to art and some people say his work appears to be cartoonish. James Wines always strives hard to create buildings that are interesting

Sir Norman Foster is a architect that designed a largest airport in Hong Kong. He has a office in England with 500 employees. In 1983 Sir Norman Foster received a RIBA gold medal. He has been known to make buildings shield against the sun which in return helps people reduce the cost of energy. Finally of all the famous architects is a man named Alvar Aalto. He was born February 3,1893 in Finland. The meaning of his name means the wave . All of his work included material made from copper, stone, wood, brick, and marble. He did designs for houses, churches, schools and so much more. Eventually he passed away May 11, 1976. Still today his work is known by people from all around the world.