Famous Athletes

Have you ever wondered about the facts about certain famous athletes? Here you will get the chance to learn about several well known athletes such as Tiger Woods. His real name is Eldrick T. Woods. His parents are named Earl and Kultida Woods and Tiger Woods is there only child. Even though Tiger Woods is involved in golf, he did take time to attend Stanford University. When he attends golf tournament days, Tiger wears a red shirt on the final day of the tournament. Reason being is the fact his mom says it’s good luck to wear that particular color. In 2004 he finally married his long time girlfriend and they have both been happily married every since.

Other famous athletes include Arthur Ashe Jr. He was born on July 10, 1943 to the proud parents of Arthur and Mattie Ashe. Sadly his mom Mattie passed away in 1950 from complications from surgery. Eventually in 1966 Arthur graduated from UCLA with a degree in Business Administration. He is the first African American to play in the boys basketball championships in Maryland. On February 20, 1977 Arthur got married and eventually they had one daughter together. Sadly on February 6,1943 Arthur Ashe died of Pneumonia that was related to Aids. Andre the Giant is also among the other Famous Athletes who is well known today. His real name is Andre Rene Roussimoff and was born May 19, 1946.

His parents names were Boris and Marian Roussimoff. When he was a child growing up, he had a disease called Acomegaly. This particular disease caused him to grow his whole life and eventually he grew to 7’11” and was 500lbs. Because he was so big he became a wrestler and in 1975 he played Big Foot in the Six Dollar Man. Unfortunately on January 27, 1993 Andre passed away in Paris France. As you can see these famous athletes have had very rewarding lives as athletes and they will be remembered for who they are for many years to come.