Famous Birthdays

There are a few historically famous people after whom we have adopted US holidays in recognition of and to honor them, bank tellers, schoolteachers, and federal employees get what I can only assume is a much-appreciated day off work. While it’s all well and good that President’s Day and Martin Luther King Day are highlighted on our calendars each year and their now famous birthdays are celebrated by no mail service, no school, and no free gifts for opening a new checking account, I feel there would be no harm in instituting a few new holidays based on some other famous birthdays.

Since January and February are already covered by the aforementioned, let’s begin with March. Two famous birthdays in the month of March are Dr. Suess, born March 2, 1904 and Wyatt Earp’s on the ninth of March. I grant you, I can find no connection between the two individuals for which a holiday could be invented, but Dr. Suess does, in my opinion, deserve a holiday. Since Hans Christian Anderson was born exactly one month later on April 2, perhaps if we averaged their birthdays, we could celebrate Children’s Book Day on March 16. Every year, in honor of these famous birthdays, book stores, libraries and schools could observe this holiday by closing. The only flaw I see is that J.K. Rowling was born in July.

Most years, Easter falls on a Sunday in April but oddly enough, the Monday following Easter is not an observed holiday for any institution. I suppose famous events do not warrant the same observance as famous birthdays, hence the reason so many institutions close in observance of Christmas – except of course major retailers. So in keeping with what I believe should be the observance of a famous birthday every month, April needs a holiday. Famous April birthdays include Thomas Jefferson on April 13, Leonardo da Vinci on April 15, and Wilbur Wright on April 16. While their accomplishments were many, I can’t seem to find a connection worthy of a single holiday, which is a shame since their birthdays are all so close together.

Two famous birthdays where a logical conclusion could be drawn for a holiday observance are Neil Armstrong on August 5 and Orville Wright on August 19. Clearly there is a flight connection here somewhere. Flight Friday, celebrated the second Friday after the first Monday of every August is what I’m thinking. In observance, everyone could get a three-day weekend and half price on airline tickets departing that day – for free if it falls on a full moon.

Crazy as it all sounds, in my line of thinking, this would create a holiday for every month of the year. It would surely increase revenue for the greeting card businesses and would make up for the apparent lack of vacation time in today’s workforce. If famous people’s birthdays can’t give us a reason to get a day off work, I don’t know what else can.