Famous Commercials

Many of us remember all of the famous commercials of the past, but as time goes by we kind of forget about some of them. Here you will learn about several different commercials that have aired on television, and if your not familiar with any of them now, you will be when we get done. Remember back in the 80’s when the Cadbury Egg Cream commercials came out. When everyone saw this commercial, it made everyone want to go out and buy one. It was also a very popular commercial in the 90’s too. Still today you even see it air around Easter time. Coke also is known for having famous commercials. Way back in the 70’s they had a commercial with everyone from all over the world singing “I like to teach the world to sing.”

Another popular commercial from Coke was the one with Mean Joe Green. In this commercial he throws his football jersey to a kid and says “Hey kid catch.” Around the Holiday times you can still catch a glimpse of the polar bears drinking a coke. Mainly these commercials air around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. No matter how many times you see this commercial it is always a cute commercial to see each and every time. Other famous commercial include one from Toys R Us. Do you happen to remember the one that airs around Easter time? It is the one that has all of the bunnies singing “Here comes Peter cotton Tale.” Sometimes you can end up seeing the commercial so much that it gets stuck in your mind and you start singing the song to yourself throughout the day.

Dr Pepper also has a memorable commercial with David Naughton. Here you would always see and hear him singing “I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too.” Dr Pepper doesn’t have a commercial like that anymore, but maybe one day they will have another commercial that will be as popular as the one mentioned above. So as you can see there were many famous commercials of the past, and in years to come there will be more that will be famous too.