Famous Dogs

Over time there have been many famous dogs who have played in various movies and commercials over the years. Spuds McKenzie is one of them. He had his first appearance in 1987 in the Bud Light commercial. He was the little dog with the black circle around his eye. Soon after the commercial aired he became popular instantly with everyone. He became so popular that many things such as shirts, mugs, posters, etc had his picture printed on it. Among other great famous dogs you may remember seeing on television was the dog named Eddie. He played on comedy show called Fasier.

Eddie is known to be a Jack Russell Terrier. He became a very popular and well known dog while he was on Frasier and later his picture was on the cover of TV Guide and Life Magazine. He even had a calendar with numerous pictures for each calendar month. Another well known dog on television is a dog named Happy. She is a female dog that plays on the show called 7th Heaven. Happy was once a stray dog that was abused by her male owner. Since then she has had a fear of men. Because of this, every male has to spend time with her before each and every show.

Doing this helps her trust the actors and at the same time helps the taping of each episode go more smoothly. Other famous dogs include the dog named Lassie. Everyone can remember who Lassie is but did you know that Lassie was supposed to be a female dog on the show but in real life Lassie was played by all male dogs. To be exact six male dogs played the part. This is really funny because given the fact that Lassie had puppies several times. The reason why male dogs played the part of Lassie is the fact that they have a thicker nicer coat. So the next time you see one of these famous dogs again, you will definitely be more familiar with who they really are.