Famous Entertainers

We all have are favorite famous entertainers, and at times we get curious who they truly are. Here we will discuss three very well known famous entertainers and the first one we will start out with is Julia Roberts. Her real name is Julie Fiona Roberts and her nickname is Jules. When she was in school she learned how to play the clarinet. Unfortunately when she was only ten years old her father passed away with cancer. In 1970 she auditioned for All My Children. Although she didn’t get the part, she still played many roles in other films, and is currently the highest paid actress in history. Queen Latifah is also a very well known entertainer who has a lot of interesting facts about her too.

Her real name is Dana Elaine Owens and she was born March 18,1970. She had one sibling who was her brother. Eventually he died in a motorcycle accident when he was a adult. Still today Queen Latifah wears his motorcycle key around her neck. Before she ever became famous, she once worked at Burger King. When Queen Latifah finally became famous she was nicknamed Hip-Hops First Lady. At one time she was even arrested for assaulting a photographer. Among other famous entertainers include the great actor named John Travolta.

His full name is John Joseph Travolta and was nicknamed Bone as a child. His parents names were Salvatore and Helen Travolta. John and all of his brothers and sisters all grew up in Englewood New Jersey. Eventually John Travolta quit school at the age of 16 just so he could act. It all worked out well because in 1975 he got a part on the television show called “Welcome Back Kotter.” Right now John Travolta is married to Kelly Preston and they have a son and a daughter together. Currently they reside in Anthony Florida. So no matter who famous entertainers may be, all of them have very interesting facts about them.