Famous Movie Lines

Are you a film buff? Do you watch movies over and over never tiring of your favorite scenes and lines? Are you also a fan of trivia type games? If so, then you should check out Screenplay Inc.’s Movie Time board game. This game is based on famous movie lines in film history.

The object of the game is score points based on degree of difficulty for naming movies from famous movie lines that identify the film. For example, if given the famous movie line “There’s nothing like a nice piece of hickory”, you would have to identify the movie Pale Rider. To help jog player’s memories, the name of the actor and the year of theatrical release is included with each question.

For film fanatics, this is a great board game with a very level playing field. For whatever reason, famous movie lines tend to stick out in our minds. Movies we loved, even as a child, are remembered when we hear those famous lines and thus, just hearing them is nostalgic in a sense. Win or lose, this game is great fun to play with a group of people.

Not convinced? The game covers over 900 movies – even animated ones. What better way to entertain a group of people than challenging them to recall their favorite movie lines of all time. Films quoted range from Casablanca to Pulp Fiction and The Green Mile to 8 Mile. It really is easy enough for people of all ages to contribute and have fun.

If you’re looking for a unique gift or just an alternative to family movie night, check out this board game at Screenplay Inc.’s website. You’ll not only love the game, but you’ll especially love the directions since game set-up includes popping a bowl of popcorn. You may even find yourself riffling through the cards reading those famous movie lines long after the game is over. It’s rather addicting trying to remember those favorite movie moments.