Famous Movie Quotes

Straight off the big screen, we all have our favorite movie quote. In every instance, it’s a line that is brought to life by an actor or actress, but it’s also the visual aspect of the particular scene where the quote originates that seems to help it stick with us. But the credit for these famous movie quotes is never really given where it is due. Few people ever wonder who wrote it, but they always remember who said it.

For example, in 1995’s Clueless, Alicia Silverstone plays Cher Horowitz and the phrase “as if” became an everyday expression for girls nationwide. But did you know Amy Heckerling, director of the film, actually wrote the line? This is just one example of a famous movie quote that becomes household speech after millions hear and see it.

To honor the creators of these famous movie quotes, Oscar-winner Marc Norman launched the “Where it Begins” campaign to kick off the Writer’s Guild of America 70th Anniversary in 2003. The campaign was a billboard advertising campaign that placed billboards with famous movie quotes, who said them, and a photo of the writer who created them, along side roadways.

Some of those who were honored with a billboard included author of the famous movie quote “You can’t handle the truth!” (A Few Good Men), Aaron Sorkin, and Donn Pearce and Frank Pierson for “What we've got here is a failure to communicate.” (Cool Hand Luke).

The campaign was created not just for well-deserved recognition, but to promote the writers who so cleverly construct the words that become great scripts and in turn become famous movie and television quotes. It is my personal hope that this campaign will help create a different way of looking at the movie and TV lines that become so memorable.

Much progress needs to be made though. It is currently possible to look up famous movie quotes in numerous online databases and quickly locate any familiar line and the person who said it, but the writers are curiously hard to locate. However, due credit is given to IMBD (internet movie database) who does give writers credit and internally links to information about the writers.