Famous People with Disabilities

Many famous people with disabilities are known throughout the world. One of those people include the singer and actress called Cher. Her real name is Cherilyn Sarkisan and was born May 20, 1946. She is dyslexic and that is the reason why she did not complete high school. Her mother was known to be married eight times and Cher met her former husband named Sunny at the age of seventeen. Together they had one child together. Cher herself has a total of two children which are a boy and a girl. George Burns is also among the famous people with disabilities.

He suffered from dyslexia and was born January 20, 1896. George was the 9th child of 12 children his parents had together. Later in life he became a comedian and married his wife named Gracie Allen. They were married for a long time and when Gracie passed away, George never remarried. He lived for many years after here death, but eventually George himself passed away 43 days after his 100th birthday. Other famous people with disabilities include actor Christopher Reeve.

Christopher is known for playing the role of Superman in 1977. He became paralyzed in 1995 while riding a horse. Since his accident, he raised a lot of money for spinal cord injuries. Soon there after he started the Christopher Reeve Foundation. In 1994 Christopher sadly passed away. He will always be remembered and still today money is being raised for his foundation for spinal cord injuries. Jim Abott was a man born with one hand. Never did he let that stop him because he became a major league baseball player. In 1998 he won an Olympic Gold Medal and in the 1990’s he was known as one of the best pitchers. As you can see many famous people with disabilities have accomplished many great things and they haven’t let anything stand in there way from being successful.