Famous People

There’s something about famous people that draws our attention. The media hounds the famous, but if it weren’t for the public’s interest, the media would have very little to do. Perhaps because so often fame comes with money, we are fascinated by the lavish lifestyle of famous people. Maybe it is out of curiosity that we want to know what famous people do in their spare time.

Though typically, famous people are either in a position of wealth or power, or both, fame doesn’t instantly bring either. Still, every year the largest media companies perpetuate individual fame with publicity. Without publicity fame simply isn’t possible. The saying fame is fleeting is probably true for this very reason. When the media is finished with a person, they will move on to the next rising star and without a lasting legacy, that person may never surface again.

Take for example, Time Magazine’s 2004 Person of the Year. George W. Bush is not the wealthiest man in the world, but during his stint in the White House, he will probably remain the most famous man in the world. Does he have power? Sure. Does he have money? Sure. Does he fascinate us the way other famous people do? Not so much. Will he leave a legacy? Sure – like all Presidents, one that depends on the outcome of his actions while in office. The type of fame Washington creates is based more on power and politics and only for a time. Lasting fame is usually achieved elsewhere.

Hollywood, for instance, has its fair share of fame. Think of actors and actresses whose fame has outlived their career. Think of directors who have produced more than one box office smash whose movies will be archived with the great classics.

Think also about literature. Famous people who have written stories, poems, and novels. They may never have held a position of power, but still were able to influence people through their work. They may never have become wealthy, though many have, but their legacy will be left in writing for future generations to witness.

Some people become famous over night, others’ fame is based on their life’s work. If your desire is to join ranks with the famous people of the past and present, consider first what you will achieve and what mark you will leave on this world. Anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame, but truly famous people last several lifetimes over.