Famous Photographers

Often, many great photographers do not become famous photographers until after their death. Throughout history, there have been many now famous photographers who have paved the way for what photography has become today. Aside from portrait photography and glamour photography, the photojournalism field is probably the most heavily influenced by great photographers.

Matthew Brady was a pioneering photographer and one of the first to photographically document a war. He took 10 photographers with him to capture some 35,000 images of the Civil War. Much later, Walker Evans, another famous photographer, captured raw images of the Great Depression. These, and other famous photographers laid the foundation for the many great photojournalists we have today that document so much of what goes on in our world.

Other famous photographers have created works of art known the world over. Ansel Adams is arguably the most famous landscape photographer known for his wide range, black and white photography of the western United States. Yosimite and the Grand Tetons are among those famous images.

In stark contrast to war photography and vast landscapes, Irving Penn is famous for his fashion and glamour photography, featured many times over in early Vogue magazines. He is also well known for his still life compositions of everyday objects and his contributions to Fortune magazine.

A more modern-day, famous photographer in a completely different median, is Anne Geddes. Her photographs of sleeping infants and babies clad in fruit and vegetable ensembles are recognized the world over. Aside from the innocence of natural babies, her photography is equally appreciated because of the unpredictable nature of her subjects. Her work, though less often referred to as art, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide and she helps to advance children’s rights and raise awareness to prevent child abuse through proceeds from sales of her books and calendars.