Famous Places

Many famous places are located in the United States. One of those places is The Empire State Building. This building is a high rise building that has 102 floors and it was built during the depression. The Empire State Building is located in the state of New York. The building was fully completed on November 13, 1930. The grand Canyon is also considered to be one of the famous places that 5 million people visit each and every year. It is located in the state of Arizona. Many people have reported that there are tons of stuff to do here, and it is almost impossible to get bored.

Times square in New York is another popular place. It was officially opened in 1904. This place is known for people to entertain. Currently 27,000 people live here and 26 million people visit each and every year. In case you don’t already know, New Years Eve is celebrated here and it is broadcasted live on television too. Other great famous places include Yankee Stadium. This is a stadium where baseball is played. Since the 1950’s it has attracted 123,707 people a day.

It gets more visitors a day than any other stadium in the United states. Once Pope Paul II had a tour at Yankee Stadium. When the stadium was originally built it had wooden bleachers but for many years that has changed. Other exciting famous places include Mount Rushmore. It is named after a man who was a lawyer and his name was Charles E Rushmore. He was a lawyer who was known for investigating mining claims in the Black Hills way back in 1885.The carvings for Mount Rushmore began August 10, 1927. A very interesting fact is that it took six and a half years to carve. So as you can see, many interesting famous places are located throughout the United States.