Famous Psychics

Apart from the base controversy of whether or not people with psychic abilities really exist, psychics are part of a multi-million dollar industry. Not always did the dial-a-psychic-for-an-exuberant-fee phenomenon exist, but plenty of famous psychics have existed throughout history. Here we’ll look at a few of the most famous psychics throughout history.

Nostradamus, or Michel de Nostredame, was born in 1503 in Europe and lived to be 63 years old. He made written predictions in a blend of languages, primarily French, mixed with Latin, Greek, and Italian. He claimed to be able to predict future events through divine intervention and astrological studies that he would meditate on to make his predictions. While it was often left up to interpretation of metaphoric insinuations, he is credited to have predicted numerous events including the reign of Napoleon and the rise of Adolf Hitler, though his prediction of 9-11 has been proven a hoax.

Jeanne Dixon is accepted as America’s most famous psychic and is credited with predicting, among other events, John F. Kennedy’s election and assassination. She was born as Jeanne Pinchert in Wisconsin in 1918. As a young child, she was on the receiving end of a prediction from a gypsy palm reader who prophesied that she would become a world famous psychic. This prediction hit the mark, and though Jeanne Dixon died in 1997, she will forever be known as a famous psychic. Through her self-proclaimed dreams and visions, she accurately enough predicted the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the launch of Sputnik, and the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. She missed the mark on many other predictions including the election of a woman president in the 1980’s and a comet that was supposed to have struck the earth in the same decade.

To some, Joan of Arc is considered a famous psychic. She allegedly heard voices that she believed told her what to do. These same auditory hallucinations eventually led her to both war and notoriety. A simple peasant girl, she was initially believed to be displaying signs of mental illness, but to the contrary her health was excellent. She was burned to death on charges of sorcery in 1431, but was canonized in 1920.