Famous Queens

World history is rich with royalty and there have been many famous queens. Though it would be difficult to be a queen and not be famous, some of the more famous queens include Marie Antoinette, Victoria, Elizabeth I, and of course Elizabeth II. While the list of famous queens is as rich in history as the countries they reigned in, possibly the most fascinating Queen was none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, or less formally known as The Queen Mum.

Before the world mourned the loss of The Queen Mother at 101 years of age in 2002, she lived a most active and interesting life. At 97 years of age she was still active in official royal duties. She was reported to be not only an avid sportswoman, but also very witty. She was loyal to her country and was extremely popular in her time.

By stark contrast and reigning in France in a much earlier time, Marie Antoinette was a famous queen, but not very popular. During her reign, the people of France blamed her for the country’s financial problems. Partly because of her lack of popularity and partly because of her immaturity, she was often blamed for things she had nothing to do with. Of course her death at the guillotine is legendary.

Famous Queens and the Kings they served beside, the royal heirs and heiresses they birthed, and their actions at the throne are widely published in history books, but there is a certain romantic notion surrounding queens that makes them so interesting. Perhaps this is why fictional queens from fairytales have existed for so long and why royalty and romance go hand in hand. Though history reflects how untrue this is, the classic fairytales are what every little girl imagines life as a famous queen or princess is like.