Famous Recipes

If you arrived here reading this in hopes of finding world-famous recipes to serve at your dinner party tonight, you may be disappointed. However, take heart in the notion that there really are no world-famous recipes, only world-famous chefs who may share their recipes that are only famous when they prepare them and a famous food critic eats them. For the rest of us, we can only prepare our Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie recipe for what we hope is a successful ending to an even more successful Thanksgiving dinner.

The reason there are no famous recipes is because cooking develops differently in every kitchen and recipes become altered through taste preferences or even over time through sheer lack of availability or expense of specific ingredients. Famous recipes can therefor be translated into the term popular foods.

Take for example, the staple pot roast. There are probably a hundred different ways to arrive at a succulent pot roast, and maybe Emeril’s would taste better than yours, but it’s because of his expert knowledge of blending ingredients and cooking methods that produce the results, not because you lack a famous pot roast recipe. Cooking for some is artful and for others it is lackluster labor.

For those who’s cooking is somewhere in between artful and barely edible, searching out famous recipes may be an enjoyable hobby. It would probably be more fruitful though to search out insight from famous chefs to create a personal recipe that suits your food preference. The art of cooking is becoming more of a lost art even though the availability of timesaving, technologically advanced appliances is more ready to be placed in our kitchens than ever before.

If you have the motivation, seek to create your own famous recipes to pass down to others in order to preserve the art of cooking in your family. You may not be revered in Fine Dining Magazine, but you will definitely go down in history with your family and friends as chef-extrodinaire