Famous Supreme Court Cases

Over the years there have been numerous famous Supreme Court cases. Roe V. Wade was one of them that had a lot of media attention. This case consist of a pregnant single woman named Jan Roe who wanted an abortion, but at the time abortions was illegal to get, and the only way to legally get one was if your pregnancy threatened your life in some way. If someone really wanted, they could travel to a place where abortions was legal, but for Jan Row this was not possible because she had no money. Since Jan wanted to change how the laws affected everyone’s rights on abortions, she decided to sue on behalf of herself and everyone else. The final outcome was that abortions was finally legalized. Every since, woman have had the option to have abortions if they choose to do so.

Other famous Supreme Court cases include United States V. Nixon. This was an impeachment trial that started in 1974. The reason why Nixon was brought to court by the United States was the fact that he made false and misleading statements to the government and to the American people.. He was also known to misuse the CIA and from with holding information. Other bad things he did was leak information about the investigation to the accused. The out come of this particular case was Nixon finally resigned before he could be completed. Brown V. Board of Education was also among the other famous Supreme Court cases that happened in the United States.

This all started in 1950 when it was argued that blacks should be able to go to local schools with white people instead of being put on buses to distant schools. After all a decade earlier US law schools already allowed enrollment for black citizens. This case was first argued on December 9, 1952. It finally took a while, but the outcome was everyone was allowed to go to the same schools. Even today this particular case still gets debated. So now you see why each of these famous Supreme Court cases is known like they are today. Each one has changed American History and for years to come these cases will always be remembered no matter what.