Famous TV Couples

There are many famous TV couples that come to mind, but to start Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall are one of the many couples who have been part of the media for many years. They both met when Nicole was a stripper. At the time he was only 89 years old and happened to be extremely wealthy. They both married in 1994 and one year later Howard Marshall died. Nicole suddenly discovered she wasn’t in his will and eventually she had to go to court. Later she was awarded $475 million but later that was reduced to a smaller sum. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller is also among the other well known famous TV couples.

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Marilyn is well known for being very beautiful and Arthur was known for making plays. They eventually got married and their marriage was later announced on television by Arthur. They later noticed their differences and finally agreed to divorce and go their separate ways. Other famous TV couples include Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra Lewis. Jerry Lee Lewis is a famous singer who is known for singing the song Great Balls of Fire. He married his wife Myra who is known to be his cousin. They married in 1957 while she was only 13 years old. They later had a baby only a month after they got married. Eventually there marriage ended in 1970.

Famous TV couples also include Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi is known for being a comedian and Dan is known for playing on the TV show called Cheers. They both married in the early 1990’s. While they were married you heard of many rumors of her being a lesbian. Later on they divorced and are each doing well at the present time. So the way it looks at the current moment, it doesn’t look like to many marriages last for a very long time for famous TV couples.