Famous Women

There are many famous women throughout history that have, in one way or another, impacted the lives of women today. Susan B. Anthony, Florence Nightingale, and Eleanor Roosevelt are but a few famous women whose achievements in social activism helped build a foundation for the opportunities women have today. While the list of famous women could go on and on, it’s important for women to remember that there were those who gave a great deal of their time and tears to create better lives for future women.

Not so long ago, women stood together fighting for certain civil rights and for social equality. In more recent times, the pendulum has swung the other way, and it seems women are fighting against each other rather than celebrating sisterhood. The clamber for socioeconomic status and the battle between the working mom and the stay at home mom is raging silently amongst our nation’s schools, workplaces and even churches.

One wonders why when women’s rights were fought so hard for to obtain choices, that we now scrutinize each other for the choices we make. It stands to reason that we would all support each other and celebrate in the freedom that is womanhood today. Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, feminist or traditionalist, as a woman it is important to remember the spirit with which these famous women lived their own lives.

We have been given the right to vote, the right to choose our professions, the right to educate our children and ourselves as we see fit, and the right to choose to exercise these rights. Still, the hard fought battle will continue into the future and will some day be won by famous women of a future time when we will all stand together in support, rather than judgement, of each other.